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Melbourne Prize for Music 2022, Beleura Composition Award

Really stoked to have won the 2022 Beleura Emerging Composers Award at this year's Melbourne Prize! Thanks to the Melbourne Prize Trust, The Tallis Foundation, and the judges for the confidence boost. It means a lot to be recognized at this point in my career and the news sure helped ease the creative/professional doubts one encounters every now and then. Congrats also to all the winners and finalists, thank you for keeping Melbourne vibrantly musical 

My heart is full.

3,6 (2019) - 

for two trumpets

This graphic score, originally performed by ELISION flautist Paula Rae, was composed with an illustration app on a mobile phone, on the tram, heading to one of ELISION's open mic nights at Melbourne's Brunswick Green. In this iteration of 3,6. ELISION's two brilliant and amazing trumpet players, Tristram Williams and Callum G'Froerer take the opportunity to work and improvise with one another. 

This version premiered at the ISCM World Music Days in New Zealand in August 2022. 

Echoes of the Unspoken (2021) - concerto for percussion and strings

Really excited to finally be able to share this recording of Echoes of the Unspoken. This was a piece that went through the pandemic with me and one that saw multiple postponements due to it. The performance was stellar and it was a dream come true to have written my first concerto for a dear friend and collaborator who sounded absolutely stunning in this. Thanks to Monash University, Louise Devenish, Cat Hope, Anna McMichael, and Aaron Wyatt for your dedicated persistence in bringing this baby to life! 

I hope you enjoy the performance as much as I do :)

Recent Updates

There are lots of new sounds and videos added of projects from the past year or so. You can find them under the "Work" section (Large Ensemble, Small-Medium, Solo)! 

Lucerne Festival Forward Commission

Very excited to be writing a new piece for the magnificent KKL Luzern Concert Hall as part of the Lucerne Festival Forward! 

Check out the program here:

Little Operations - Substrate Structure 

(video documentary)

Claudia Chen - Thoughts About the Piano released on Royaumont Live

Really excited about this disc coming out! I wrote a solo work for Claudia during my time at Royaumont Noix Novelle academy back in 2017 and the piece, Radius, is now featured in Claudia's debut album alongside works by Leroux, Chamberlain, Carter, Bailly, and Xenakis. 

Available for streaming everywhere, or purchase through this link on March 26, 2021

Substrate Structure at Chamber Made - Little Operations 

Continuing my collaboration with Percussionist Louise Devenish, Substrate Structure will be developed as part of Chamber Made's Little Operation program. We will be working with spatial designer Chris Cottrell to investigate musical and material texture towards a new work for percussion and electronics. This development time will be used to explore the sonic and performative capabilities of the materials and structure, and to begin devising a musical language for a new musical theater work.

More info

I’m really happy to have contributed to this compilation by Scripts Records, featuring new electronic works by artists and composers around the US. 

Click here to get your copy today. All proceeds are donated to My Block My Hood My City: a Chicago-based organization which provides underprivileged youth an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood by taking students on explorations on arts & culture, citizenry & volunteerism, health, community development, culinary arts and entrepreneurism. For more information, visit their website  

New piece premiered on November 13th, 2020, by Quince Ensemble and Veronica Santiago Moniello.

Link to video

Really happy to see Louise’s Sheets Of Sound program won the Performance of the Year Award! Featuring my piece "Permeating Through the Pores of Shifting Planes" (2019) for solo percussionist and live electronics. 

Monash International Women's Day Composition Commission Prize 2020

I’m very honored to receive this award and an opportunity to continue working with Louise Devenish and the Monash Sinfonia! 

Here are some details about the award and my proposed work for solo percussion and string orchestra, and a short feature on Limelight Magazine

Sydney Symphony's 50 Fanfares

Excited to be part of this initiative from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra! 50 Fanfares will see the orchestra commission and present 50 new works by 50 Australian composers, unfolding over three years and culminate in the orchestra’s 2022 season.

For more info, please visit here